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[Google-Geniee] Programmatic ads–Global trends Seminar

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Over 40 publishers across Thailand representing different Media companies and agencies came together at a seminar entitled “Programmatic ads – Global trends” organized by Geniee – Google Channel Partner associated with Google in Glowfish, Bangkok on Tuesday, 30th Oct, 2018. The seminar covers web optimization and global trends that impact online advertising industry from advertisers and web developers perspective.

Geniee team in Programmatic ads – Global Trends

Featured speakers included Ms. Nunramon Tangchitaree (Alycia) – CEO / Country Manager, Geniee AdTechnology Thailand; Mr. Tawin Srisuksiriphan (Boom) – Business Development Senior Manager, Geniee AdTechnology Thailand; Mr. Win – Media Consultant Executive, Geniee International and Ms. Aksara Sumethkul (Om) – Channel Partner Manager, Google.

Over 40 publishers and agencies attended the Seminar

As the industry has shifted to attract more brands’ spend, new forms of advertising and brand safety are of top concerns. Addressing such ideas, the speakers shared some key notes on rising trends, GDPR and brand safety in today advertising environment. Besides, publishers were also provided with insights on implementation of AMP, PWA, SEO and Google Analytics – efficient tools that allow better website development and management.

Ms. Alycia CEO : Country Manager, Geniee AdTechnology Thailand – introducing Global trends

Ms. Aksara – explaining Google AMP

Mr. Win Media Consultant Executive – explaining AMP, PWA, Google Analytics

Even though “Programmatic ads – Global trends” is the very first event in Thailand, it acted as a great move in Geniee – Google partnership as well as improve Geniee support to Thailand publishers in term of Google related products. It is believed that more meaningful events will be hosted by Geniee to bring added values to publishers not only in Thailand but also in APAC area.

Geniee 1-1 consultation with publishers

Geniee International – Global media team at the seminar