Liên tục cập nhật tin tức trong ngành quảng cáo- trong nước và quốc tế

Thailand biz trip: Enhance and expand partnerships

Working Style

From June 05 to June 08, Geniee Vietnam (with the participation of 2 departments: Business Development and Yield Management) had a successful 4-day business trip to Thailand in order to close the current partnership as well as open up future growth opportunities, expand services for Thailand market.

During 4 days working, we had meetings with our big partners in Thailand, who are Yengo, BumQ, also visited big clients’ offices such as BEC-TERO Entertainment, Tencent Thailand, Bangkok Post Group, Matichon Public, SET, AdOp, Trend VG3, etc. Once again, we have strengthened our partnership with current publishers/ partners, and also have been seeking for opportunities to ramp up revenue with Geniee services (SSP & Adsense/ Adx solution). It was seen as a chance to make collaboration agreements as well as online advertising optimization for big customers.

Meeting with (Tencent Thailand)

GENIEE VIETNAM– Owning a global partners network

With high–tech advantage, Geniee is one of the leading Supply Side Platform (SSP) in Asia and has won the No.1 market share of Japan in 6 years of establishment in Japan. Over 5000 Asia Publishers have been joining our SSP network. In September 2013, Geniee Vietnam was established. We started our business from here- Vietnam to other Asian countries.

Today, we have bases in each Asian countries and accelerate localization to each country. We provide a chain of effective media solutions, marketing solutions, OEM solutions for Advertisers and Agencies.


Geniee Vietnam.