A generic platform for specific solutions

An intelligent platform optimizes solutions

With Japanese technology, Geniee White Label is customized to meet the needs of Vietnamese businesses looking for new revenue growth solutions.

Our Products

Whitelabel DSP

Buy inventory with the lowest price and highest value

With the global traffic network, Geniee White Label DSP generates rich ad formats: display ad, video ad, native ad, etc. Moreover, thanks to optimized algorithm technology via RTB mechanism, Geniee White Label DSP helps Advertiser/ Advertising Agency buy inventory at the low bid and higher value. high-performance advertising space. Especially, Advertiser/ Advertising Agency can manage multiple ad channels on an only dashboard, receive real-time reports and superior target capabilities.

Whitelabel SSP

Maximize revenue through inventory optimazation

With a global network of advertisers and agencies, Geniee White Label SSP provides the availablity of different ad formats (native ad, banner ad, video ad,etc), coupled with the optimazation functions already intergrated in our platform (PMP, Passback, Yeid Logic) allow Publisher maximize inventory, also help every impression be sold at the highest price and the highest quality.

Complete Ad Ecosystem

Manage the entire digital advertising process

Considered as an OEM solution, it is the solution to build a complete advertising ecosystem bringing “your brand” at minimal cost. Platforms: DSP (demand side platform), SSP (supply side platform), DMP (data management platform) integrated in DSP, help businesses manage the entire digital advertising process and sustainably maximize profits.

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Geniee White Label which is available designed and constantly updated is the solution of time-saving.

Financial saving

The cost of buying an available system is much cheaper than building your own. When resources are limited, Geniee White Label is the ultimate cost-effective solution.

Focusing on your core value

Focusing resources on doing research, developing your strengths and core value instead of investing in time, finance, human resources if choosing to build a whole new DSP / SSP platform.

SSP Dashboard
DSP Dashboard


Easier than building your own