Reach the sustainable revenue growth goal

With Japanese high technology, GenieeSSP is an advertising platform helps Publisher optimize revenue per impression. GenieeSSP suceeds in bringing the sustainable revenue development to our Publisher.

Customer Review

– “Geniee owns great technical platform and various ad types, together with their enthusiastic and experienced media consultant. Geniee will be on top ADNWs at Vietnam market in the very near future.”

– Nguyen Duc Vinh, Director of Yeu The Thao JSC.

-“Geniee possesses great media consultant specialists, various products as well as high technology”

– Nguyen Thi Nhu Yen, Programmatic Business Development of 24h Corporation.

+ Happy Publishers

Maximize revenue

Connected to global auto advertising markets, publishers can sell inventory at the highest bidding price per impression through the RTB mechanism. Additionally, Yield Logic Function with flexible auction floor which is developed in-house, allows to optimize the automatic advertising process.

Built-in PMP (Private Marketplace) function, high quality inventory packaging

Geniee PMP creates a private auction floor, consisting of one or more publisher groups that provide inventory directly to one or more invited advertiser groups, ensuring high quality inventory with value impressions is classified, packaged, and sold with higher price for advertisers.

The availability of diverse ad formats

Standard banner, native ad, video instream- outstream ad, banner overlay … Formats: PC, mobile, in-app, email…

Optimize the inventory

Passback function allows Publisher to take advantage of all advertising resources both in price and rate filling.

Transparency in reporting and payment

Real-time revenue report and automatic payment revenue payment are on time, which prioritize our publisher’s benifits.

High quality programmatic advertising market

Integrated the world’s leading quality and traffic control partners, Geniee SSP ensures quality for both buyers and sellers.

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